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Moors and Christians Villena 5th Sept  from 13.00 EUR

Fiestas by www.dreamworldtours.es

A great Moors and Christians parade in a truly stunning town. This is one of the most popular Moors and Christians parades in the province.

Enjoy an evening in Villena for a fantastic Moors and Christians evening. This evening is when you get to see the parade. The parade is made up of Comparsas. There are a number of them for both the Moorish side and the Christian side. More than 12.000 people take part in this truly incredible explosion of music, light and colour. 

The origin of this fiesta dates back to the late 15thC, when the Virgin de las Virtudes ( Virgin of Virtue ) was proclaimed the patron of Villena and the saviour of the plague.  Her image was placed in the shrine built just on the outskirts of the town. 

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Tour Date5th Sept 2019

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Moors and Christians Villena 5th Sept by www.dreamworldtours.es

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