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Venice Carnival 8th - 11th Feb 2020 from 429.00 euros

Holiday Deals by www.dreamworldtours.es

An opportunity for you to experience one of the great wonders of Venice... Its world famous carnival.

Feb sees Venice come alive as people line the streets for the world famus carnival and masquerade balls. 

The masks in Venice are something special and you will get chance to experience this first hand.

During the 40 days of lent, parties were off limits - and so was eating foods like meat, sugar and fats.  As a result people would try to get rid of all their rich food and drink items by way of parties before lent.  Hence the introduction of the Venice Carnival.  They believe the word carnival, which comes fromt he latin words cane ( meat ) and vale ( meaning farewell ).  According to tradition Venie Carnival started in 1162.  The carnival went through a period of decline but thankfully started to pick up again and is now celebrated in style. 

The tradition of wearing a mask has a very long tradition in Venice and dates all the way back to 1268. By the 16th C popular troupes performed slapstick comedy in the many piazzas of Venice while wearing masks. Masks were then increasing in popularity in places such as gambling parlours in order to sheild the gamblers real identities

These days Venice carnival is a huge world famous celebration that goes on for approx 2 weeks.  The opulent masquerade balls require invitations and come at a cost but there are so many wonderful experiences of this parade such as the candle lit parades, concerts, mask comeptitions in St Marks Square, street performances, costume showcasing and so much more.  Our tour coincides with the beginning of the carnival and the excellent floating water parades and opening celebrations.

Our tour includes direct flights from Valencia, transfers and 3 nights in a central 4 star Venice hotel, perfectly located for the carnival celebrations. 

For detailed pick up locations list; please see our FAQ information page.

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Tour Date8th - 11th Feb 2020

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Venice Carnival 8th - 11th Feb 2020 by www.dreamworldtours.es

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